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Published since 1963, The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Houston Baptist University, named a “school on the rise, filled with excitement” by First Things in 2010. The Collegian was published bi-weekly through the end of the 2014 academic year. Now the Collegian’s focus is innovation, it will be publishing continuously on its website, www.hbucollegian.com. The student newspaper reaches thousands of readers online.



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Editor in Chief | Tabatha Trapp: (281) 649-3670, eic@hbucollegian.com
Web Administrator | Paul Roxas: online@hbucollegian.com
Online Editor | Misha Umer
News Editor | Josh Chum, news@hbucollegian.com
Sports Editor | : sports@hbucollegian.com
Life & Arts Editor | Dakota Bowman: lifeandarts@hbucollegian.com
Opinion Editor | Joseph Webster: opinion@hbucollegian.com
Photography Editor | Tara Enders
Assistant Photography Editor | Cole Kneblik
Copy Editor | Mariah Franco
Faculty Adviser | Professor Garret Johnson
Advertising Manager | Tabatha Trapp: (281) 649-3668, ads@hbucollegian.com



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