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Published since 1963, The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Houston Baptist University, named a “school on the rise, filled with excitement” by First Things in 2010. The Collegian is published bi-weekly through the academic year and continuously on its website, www.hbucollegian.com. The student newspaper reaches more than 2,800 readers through its bi-weekly print edition and thousands more online.


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Editor in Chief | Chelsea Tyson: (281) 649-3670, eic@hbucollegian.com
Executive Managing Editor | Gabi Bourn
News Editor | Biral Patel, news@hbucollegian.com
Assistant News Editor | Josh Chum
Sports Editor | Jami Rubio: sports@hbucollegian.com
Assistant Sports Editor | Kevin Harris
Entertainment Editor | Katie Brown: entertainment@hbucollegian.com
Assistant Entertainment Editor | Misha Umer
Opinion Editor | Gabi Bourn: opinion@hbucollegian.com
Lifestyle Editor | Angelle Cole : religion@hbucollegian.com
Business and Science Editor | Ramon Madden
Photography Editor | Tara Enders
Assistant Photography Editor | Cole Kneblik
Copy Editor | Mariah Franco
Faculty Adviser | Dr. Jeff Wilkinson


Advertising Manager | Tabatha Trapp: (281) 649-3668, ads@hbucollegian.com
Advertising Assistant | Joseph Webster




Online Administrator | Paul Roxas: online@hbucollegian.com
Online Assistant | Steve Arias

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