New sport required in response to football


Football will not be the only addition to the athletics department in 2013, as joining the Southland Conference requires another women’s sport to be added. Suggestions are still being made, but my top three nominations would be tennis, equestrian and archery.

It is thrilling to think about the possibilities of adding another sport, especially after watching the Olympics this summer. From Andy Murray’s gold medal victory against Roger Federer to Serena Williams’ fourth U.S. Open title, tennis has always appealed to me.

Tennis would be a perfect fit for the athletics department due to its popularity at the collegiate level and the ease of adding courts.
Equestrian would be intriguing to see on campus because of its uniqueness in the NCAA. Only 23 universities offer equestrian and adding the University to that list is an exciting possibility. Within the sport itself there are many different categories to compete in, and hopefully the University can contend in the Western competition. After all, Houston is in Texas.

Another sport that surprised me while watching the summer Olympics was archery and its competitive nature. The precession and self-control needed for the sport was impressive without an overly complicated scoring system.

Each archer gets six arrows to shoot each round at concentric circles. Ten points are awarded for hitting the center ring, while one point is taken off each ring further away from the center.
Like equestrian, archery is only offered at a few colleges, according to the University of Texas Archery Association. Increased support for archery has grown over the years and is regarded as one of the top emerging sports for women.

Whether the athletics department adds tennis, equestrian, archery or decides to go in a completely different direction, the addition of a new sport is always intriguing.

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