Impact of ‘The Vow’

The moment of impact, as described by Leo (Channing Tatum) in “The Vow,”  can radically change a person’s life and the lives of their dearest relatives.

Rachel Mcadams and Channing Tatum, starring in "The Vow"

These moments can be good or bad depending on the viewer’s opinion. The most crucial “moment of impact” in this film was a car crash where Paige, played by Rachel McAdams, flew through the windshield.

Her resulting concussion left her with no memory of her husband, Leo, and the life they had built together.

The film then flashes back four years ago to a time when Leo and Paige are in college and fell in love over a cheesy joke.

Their love blossoms through a series of events that lead to their quirky yet loving marriage, which is abruptly ended by the harsh reality of Paige’s memory loss.

One of these “moments of impact” occurs when Paige does not recognize Leo, a shaking realization that provides the catalyst for their broken relationship.

Despite her reluctance to even listen to him, Leo tries to make his wife fall in love with him again. It is a frustrating and difficult journey for Leo but he perseveres with the memories of his wife. Her lack of remembrance, however, restrains her ability to love him back.

Due to McAdams’s performance, this journey has more impact. She adeptly transitions from a  loving companion to a more conservative and emotionless person with a clear difference between each persona.

Tatum also delivers a working performance, although it has been the same character shown before in his romantic comedy films.

These performances, along with director Michael Sucsy’s easy hand in pacing the film, provide a clear and fluid viewing experience. The film often jumps around its timeline, but these quick transitions will likely not lose many viewers.

Tatum’s voiceover guides the viewers through this tragedy, but the viewer would be fine without it, as his view is too general for the situation at hand. Even though was moving and tied the story quite nicely, it was certainly a cliché that should have been dropped. Although the voice-over element was not fully realized, it was a commendable effort to tackle.

This is a great movie to watch for on any romantic occasion with loved ones, as its story truly defines the journey and perseverance required to win another person’s love.