Conway, Ellie Goulding in Bayou Music Center 3/24


Conway in concert



Contributing writer

Conway, a band from L.A. was the opening act for the Ellie Goulding concert March 24th at Bayou Music Center. Conway is a strong female vocalist with relatively young band members. The band itself was very tight and energized; they got the crowd involved and played their music exceptionally well. Conway certainly embraced current culture’s mantras, “No Regrets!” and “Live fast, Die young!” As musicians and performers, Conway was a very solid act, but I did not care much for their music or their message.


Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding, on the other hand, put on a stellar show. She came out energized and ready to perform. Goulding was very personal from the stage, creating the feel of a smaller show, like a coffee house concert. She was able to show off her talents as an amazing vocalist and instrumentalist. At various points during the show, Goulding would start playing a snare drum, or pick up one of her guitars which really added to the show. The real magic was in her voice, though. It’s easy to see why Ellie Goulding rose to stardom as quickly as she did. It did not matter if she was jumping around the stage, running from side to side, or just standing still, she was able to show incredible vocal skill.


All in all, it was a great show, and I would recommend that anyone who wants a good performance go see Ellie Goulding live. She really knows how to put on a concert that can attract a crowd.

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