First ‘Fuego’ attracts over 100 students

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Over 100 people gathered on March 4th for the inaugural Fuego.Fuego, a night of worship, took place in Dunham Theater from 7-8 p.m. Fuego will be a recurring worship night, which will take place at the beginning of each month and is worth two CLW points.

Danny Miller, director of Baptist Student Ministries, explained that the decision to start Fuego was reached through prayer and reflection.

“As we sought the Lord, we sensed that having one night per month would give a concerted effort for the entire campus to worship together. It made the night special instead of just a weekly event,” Miller said. “Quest was for its season and now we feel this is for a new season.”

The name Fuego was suggested by sophomore Refuge member Joel Guerra. Fuego means “fire” in Spanish and is a play off of Ignite’s name.

“I was trying to have something similar to Ignite, having that passion, that fire,” Guerra said. “I really wanted it to be about the fire we have inside to get to know Jesus and just pursue him.”

The night of worship is free to all attendees and open to the public. Spiritual Life has extended the invitation to local churches and youth groups, but the real focus is University students.

The second and final installment of Fuego this semester will be held April 1; it will resume again in the 2014 fall semester.  Miller said he is excited about the upcoming fall semester and the return of Fuego.

“Dates are not set, but we feel this is the direction God is moving us,” Miller said.

Photos taken by Gabi Bourn

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