Credo survey to improve University experience

By Tabatha Trapp
Contributing writer

In summer 2013, the University teamed up with Credo, a higher education consulting firm which will improve student success by conducting surveys and campus evaluations.

Credo developed survey that were emailed to University students. These surveys contain questions that focus on student retention, students’ overall experience and success at the University.

The University met with Credo several times before deciding that it was the best consulting firm for the University in the summer of 2013.

Whit Goodwin, vice president of Student Life, said “We want students to have learned so much, made so many connections and formed so many memories while at HBU that they can trace their future successes, in some manner, to their experiences on our campus.”

Stacey said Credo’s goal is to improve the University as a whole, not just retention rates.

Credo’s assessments will include the function of University buildings, students’ use of the library, class room activities and class schedules.

The University not only wants students to enroll and remain at the University but also prosper as students and alumni.

“You can be here and graduate in four years, but did you go do something great with your education? Or did you do something medicore?” Stacey said.

Credo’s results will be ready in the Spring of 2014.