Stay healthy during holidays


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The holiday break is coming up! This is an exciting time of the year that is associated with relaxation and delicious food. However, one must keep healthy habits during this break because  weight gain usually occurs during this period. According to,  a recent study showed that most weight gains usually occur during this six-week holiday break.

The director of campus recreation, Joshua Dunn, says there are five steps to maintain healthy lifestyles during the holiday season.

The first step is to have the right mind-set by having the consequences of habits in mind. Dunn says this will allow one to, “Treat it like any other time of the year”.  The second step is to maintain control. This can be accomplished by taking  small portions of the dish instead of big portions. The third step is to make good food choices. Remember, always choose the healthiest and smallest portion. The fourth step is to stay physically active, while getting plenty of rest and  drinking water. Finally, the last step is to find a form of motivation to stay healthy.

It is important to avoid weight gain during the upcoming holiday season! By following Dunn’s five steps, one can enjoy the holidays, but also strive to stay healthy and spend time with family.


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