HBU hosts debate about God’s existence


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HBU hosted its first religious debate on November 9th.  The debate was between Dr. John Mark Reynolds, the university provost, and Dan Baker, the president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  The central question was “Does God Exist?”  Mary Jo Sharp, the assistant professor of apologetics, organized and moderated the event.  She stated that “Christianity traditionally has a rich intellectual heritage of debating and discussing deep questions of life.”  The debate lasted roughly two hours.  Both men sought to improve their debating techniques in addition to clearing up stereotypes associated with Christians and atheists.  Concerning the experience itself, Sharp said “The attendees should pick apart the arguments made by each debater.  Did anyone attack the person instead of the argument?  That’s an ad hominem.  Are the opponents accurately representing each other’s views?  If not, they may be building straw men.”

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