Beauty, The Elle Way: Versatile wardrobe vital to everybody


Lifestyle editor 

Having a multifunctional wardrobe is essential to anyone with style.

Before beginning to build a wardrobe, there must first be a foundation. Think of the closet as a pyramid; the bottom level is the foundation of the wardrobe and should include basic pieces that can be built upon and personalized.

Here are few items the foundation should consist of:

• 1 well fitting black suit /2 flattering black dresses.

• 2 medium weight white and black button downs.

• 3 pairs of tailored slacks or knee length skirts (one must be black).

• 2 pairs of comfortable dress shoes (black or brown)/heels (black or nude).

• 2 multi-occasion black or navy blazers (one can be swapped for a sports jacket or cardigan).

Now that the foundation is set, the middle level can be filled. The middle level of the wardrobe pyramid should consist of both casual and dressy outfits that suit personal lifestyle. First, it must be decided what function the clothing will serve. For business or professional settings:

• 5 ties and pocket squares or scarves in different patterns and colors.

• 5 dressy blouses that reflect personality through color, pattern or construction.

• 1 leather briefcase or handbag (black or brown).

• 1 trench coat or leather jacket.

For students:

• 1 pair of comfortable sneakers or ballet flats

• 7 shirts that reflect personality

• 5 pairs of well fitting jeans

• 2 casual dresses/button downs

The top of the wardrobe pyramid is the level where true personal style is birthed. It should consist of one of a kind items and on trend pieces.

A few items to consider including:

• Statement jewelry

• Vintage sequined top

• Unique multi-fabric blazer

• High-waisted trousers/skirt

• One of a kind cufflinks

Building a unique wardrobe and personal style is how clothing can be used to reflect personality and lifestyle. Find unique pieces that stand apart from all others and use them to spice up the basic foundation of the wardrobe pyramid. Style is all about the person wearing the clothes. Trends change with the seasons, but style is everlasting.