SIFE changes name to Enactus

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The start of a school year always brings changes, but for one organization the new year brought a new name.

Students in Free Enterprise was renamed Enactus this fall. SIFE was founded as an on-campus organization in 2008 before the renaming this year.

Dr. Ellen Clardy, assistant professor of economics and one of the two faculty advisers for Enactus, said the name is made up of three words that represent the organization’s objectives: entrepreneurial, action and us.

“With SIFE changing its name to Enactus, the organization is having to rebrand itself,” Clardy said. “Its an amazing opportunity for HBU students to try their hands at rebranding in a real life situation.”

Enactus is an international organization that was founded as SIFE in 1975 in Texas to engage students in their communities and help develop socially responsible business skills.

The organization now has over 62,000 group members on over 1,600 college campuses in 39 countries.

The organization has the largest global business and higher education network in the world, according to their website.

Enactus President and CEO Alvin Rohrs announced SIFE would be globally renamed Enactus on Sept. 30, 2012.

Junior Lina Martinez, president of the University’s Enactus chapter, described Enactus as a non-profit organization composed of students, academic advisors and business professionals who use their entrepreneurial knowlege and skills to improve the standards of living in their communities.

“When I heard that Enactus was the organization behind the recycling on campus, I wanted to get involved immediately,” Martinez said. “After hearing how other universities were able to make a positive impact on their communities through Enactus, I was so glad that HBU had a group on campus.”

Previously Enactus had spearheaded the University’s recycling program and competed successfully at the regional and national level before becoming non-operational.

The name change along with the endeavors of Martinez and other members  has breathed new life into the organization. The University’s chapter of Enactus currently has seven members, but the program is steadily growing.

Enactus’current project is leading an after-school program at the KIPP charter school on Wilcrest. Enactus members will lead a book club that will teach high school students about managing their personal finances.

Other events in various stages of planning include tailgating at football games and competing in the Enactus National Competition in hopes to qualify for the Enactus World Cup, which will be held in Mexico.

The national competitions showcase how students transform lives and  progress through entrepreneurial action. Enactus teams will compete across 36 cities where the quality and impact of their projects will be evaluated by business leaders.

Since Enactus is relatively new on campus, there are still several officer and member positions available.

“Moreover, there are a lot of creative ideas and creative students who should partner with Enactus to make a better world through a loving entrepreneurial spirit,” said Professor Jodey Hinze, Interim Dean of the Smith College of Liberal Arts, and the other faculty advisor for Enactus.

Contact Lina Martinez at for more information about joining Enactus.

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