Antithesis: Should musicians be constantly celebrated for pushing the envelope?



Copy editor 

Our growing variety of music stems from musicians constantly pushing the envelope.

People attend concerts and watch award shows to see their favorite artist do something over the top and unexpected. Critics say Miley Cyrus is crossing boundaries with her sexually explicit antics and stage performance at the VMAs when, in fact, her actions are no different from those of popular artists such as Madonna and Prince.

Having a unique approach is a key part in creating music and adds to the individual style of an artist. Without the continuation of musical pioneers, music would be dull and have no spontaneity.

Limiting creative freedom would ultimately stop the evolution of music. Elvis Presley was originally thought to be too innovative with his style of music, but was later considered a musical genius and, to this day, is known as the King of Rock-n-Roll.

Critics can argue that certain words should not be used in song lyrics and foam fingers should not be used during musical performances, but if we stop allowing musicians to push the envelope, we would reverse the forward progression of music; sooner or later, the music on our iPods would lose its unique flair.




Advertising assistant 

Artists such as Miley Cyrus should not be allowed to push the envelope. Too often they cross the line of acceptability, act irresponsibly and mudsling the name of music.

When the modern pop world was easily sufferable, outlandish actions might have had an effect, possibly along the lines of a new instrument, style, or outfit, not the shocking lack thereof. Musicians these days are breaking the boundaries of what they can get away with.

When an audience is so uncomfortable that those who are watching hundreds of miles away squirm in their seats, the artist’s performance is headed in the wrong direction. Miley Cyrus’ provocative gestures during her performance at the VMAs Aug. 25 created awkward tension and caused people to turn away from rather than towards her.

Young and rebellious pop performers like Miley Cyrus should not be encouraged to push the envelope due to the effects it has on the name of music; this is the reason stereotypes about bad pop music and bad artists develop.

Not only has the name of music been sullied, but the focus of the audience has been misguided and wrongly shifted from the quality of music to the oddities and abnormalities of the artist.