Staff Editorial: Meal plan changes causes inconvenience



The changes to the University’s meal equivalency plan create more problems by solving others.

In past years, students were able to use the meal equivalency plan at various on-campus locations.

This semester brought a reversal: the Baugh Center is the only option for the use of the meal plan, and students are struggling to adjust to the new policy.

Students constantly seek convenient, viable options that fit with their hectic schedules.

Having the Baugh Center as the only eatery that accepts the meal plan does not fit with student needs.

Although there are other locations that accept declining balance dollars, this new, limited use for the meal plan equivalency is not satisfactory.

The topic of meals is especially pertinent to residents because they are required to buy a meal plan.

With the many requirements of on-campus life, students in the past found it beneficial to have more options for use of their meals.

Students may find it inconvenient to sit down for a meal at the Baugh Center; yet, if they do not go to the Baugh Center, they feel like they are wasting a meal.

While the declining balance dollars roll over to the spring semester, the meals do not. There are only so many meals a student can eat per semester, depending on their meal plan.

While this new policy might not be as convenient as last year’s plan, the University is definitely making an attempt to be sensitive to students’ desires.

The addition of the new campus fast-food option, Chick-fil-A, is an example of this advancement.

The availability of the declining balance is an additional benefit for students.

The University has made progress with the food and meal plan policy, but opportunities for improvement remain. While it is convenient to have specifically designated meal plans with a separate declining balance, students would appreciate options for using the meal plan at locations other than the Baugh.

The University has recognized students’ desires for food options.

Hopefully, it will not be long before adjustments are made to the meal plan policy that allow students more options for utilizing their meal plans.

Opinion, Staff Editorial