Radio station to include University president

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The city of Houston and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to hear President Robert B. Sloan Jr. speak on a daily basis from the ease of their cars or desks.

Sloan’s new radio program titled “A Higher Education” will begin airing July 1 on 100.7 KKHT. The 30 minute show will air at 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and be a combination of deep Bible study and interviews with Biblical scholars.

“The program will be an in depth look at Scripture,” Sloan said. “There’s definitely good radio preaching out there, but since our program is from a university, our approach might be a little more historical and theological.”

The topics for the show will deal with having a Christian perspective of the world and using Scripture to look at important content.

Sloan said he might also air some past University convocation speeches that seem prevalent to the day, but most of the programs will be recorded as close to the broadcast date as possible.

Sloan added that he hoped to have discussions with scholars on the show, specifically ones related to the University. He said that the University has notable professors on campus, such as Lee Strobel, and would like them to be a part of “A Higher Education.”

Brian Runge, director of ministry relations at KKHT, said the program provides a unique opportunity for listeners.

“The first thing that excited me about this program is simply finding a university president in today’s world who is not only a great university president but a man of God who preaches the Word,” Runge said. “We are also excited to about HBU’s vision to become a great Christian teaching university in one of America’s and the world’s great cities – Houston, Texas.”

Sloan also said the program helps further the University’s Ten Pillar vision, particularly the Outreach Pillar that focuses on reaching out to both the campus and the community.

“A Higher Education” will air July 1 and continue indefinitely.

According to a newsletter distributed by the University June 21, listeners can also hear the show online at, or

Sloan said he was excited to finally have the radio program.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” he said. “We finally have the logistics together, a good partnership with the station and good personnel on campus. It’s a good time to start.”

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