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Lee Strobel, award-winning former legal editor of The Chicago Tribune, New York Times best-selling author and Christian apologist has joined the University’s staff as a professor in the School of Christian Thought, the University announced May 28.

“In a very short period of time, HBU has gone from being a mere asterisk in the area of Christian apologetics to becoming a leading institution advancing the cause of defending the faith,” Strobel said.

Strobel won Gold Medallions from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for his renowned books “The Case for Christ,” “The Case for Faith” and “The Case for a Creator.”

President Robert B. Sloan Jr. said he believes Strobel’s presence at the University will give the school more public visibility.

“Wherever he travels, he’ll be known as a professor of Christian Thought at HBU,” Sloan said.

Sloan added that Strobel will continue in his travelling ministry but will also come to the University to teach short-term classes.

Strobel said that though he will continue to travel, he will build his availability around the University’s calendar.

“That will mean fewer dates for travel, but the HBU students are a priority for me,” Strobel said.

He will continue to live in Denver but plans to make frequent trips to Houston this fall to plan out his course.

Strobel’s history of turning to Christianity from his previous atheist beliefs is another positive quality he brings to the University.

Mary Jo Sharp, assistant professor of apologetics, said Strobel’s work helped her through a tough time.

“When I doubted my belief in God, I happened to come across his book, ‘The Case for Christ,’” she said. “This work encouraged me to continue pursuing the truth.”

Strobel also shared the Christian Book of the Year award in 2005 for a co-authored curriculum about the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” according to Strobel’s website.

Dr. Jeffrey Green, dean of the School of Christian Thought, said Strobel will begin teaching in January 2014, creating his own version of an evangelism course.

Although the apologetics program at the University is geared mostly towards graduates, Strobel said that he plans for his course to be available to undergraduates.

“In an increasingly skeptical world, it’s vital for Christians to be able to define and defend what they believe, and HBU has established itself as a leading institution for educating and equipping young people to do just that,” Strobel said.

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