Greek Week mixes teams, builds unity

By Marissa Harrison 

Asst. news editor


Greek life has put a new spin on the traditional Greek Week with the hope of building community among Greek organizations.

This is the first year that University Greek organizations have held a Greek Week. The difference between the University’s version and the  traditional approach is the division of members into teams. Rather than having Greek organizations compete against one another, members of each organization are randomly divided into different  teams.

Sophmore Anneclaire Furnace, Panhellenic president and member of Phi Mu, said she hopes Greek Week will help to form new relationships.

“Even though we belong to different organizations, we all experience the privilege of being Greek,” she said. “Ideally Greek Week will become a new tradition to look forward to every year.”

The change was designed to help reduce rivalry between groups by having members from different organizations work together to achieve a goal and develop a sense of unity after successfully competing with their new teammates.

Roquee Forson, director of student involvement, explained the reasons the University began a non-traditional approach to Greek Week.

“We wanted a way to develop a community feel and bring each Greek community together,” she said. “It expands their boundaries so that they can get to know each other and break down the barriers that develop between organizations.”

On April 9, teams competed in team-building games, such as dodgeball, human battleship and tug-of war, all designed to encourage teamwork with members of other Greek organizations.

Greek Week has a philanthropic goal. April 10, teams began Coin Wars, a different approach to common fundraising methods. Teams competed to collect the most donations for their coin jar, but only pennies counted towards one positive “point.” Other coins counted for negative the amount they are worth.

All proceeds raised will be donated to the Elijah Rising organization, an organization whose mission is to end human trafficking.

The week’s activities will come to a close April 11 with a social event where representatives from Elijah Rising will be presented with a check of the total funds raised for their organization.

Senior Anthony Perez, member of Kappa Alpha Order, said getting to know Greeks from other organizations will help build a well-rounded community in the future.

“We can combine the talents from each organization to accomplish more and create a synergy that was not there before,” he said.