New dean brings nursing experience

By Angelle Cole

Staff writer


Dr. Renae Schumann, new dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health, brings a fresh outlook with her specialty in nursing and personal interest in allied health.

She will begin her position June 1, replacing interim dean Dr. Carol Lavender.

“I am really excited to be working in a Christian environment,” Schumann said. “I love Houston Baptist University.”

Dr. Robert Stacey, dean of the Honors College, was part of the decision making-process for the new dean. The search was a yearlong effort and many candidates were interviewed. Schumann was recommended for the job by Dr. Patricia Starck, the dean of The University of Texas at Houston School of Nursing.

After being interviewed, she was chosen as the new dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health.

“Almost immediately, Renae Schumann’s experience put her at the head of the candidates,” Stacey said.

Schumann brings with her many years of experience in the nursing field. She received both her bachelor’s in 1989 and master’s in 1990 from UT Houston in Emergency Nursing Education. She received her Ph.D. in nursing research from Texas Woman’s University in 2000.

Her vision is to see the School of Nursing and Allied Health grow and produce prepared nurses, athletic trainers and kinesiologists.

“I would like to stay within the guidelines of the school mission; however, I would love to see the program grow, both the nursing and the allied health side,” Schumann said.

She discovered her desire to teach while attending UT Houston.

“There was an upper floor where the faculty offices were, and every time I was there I felt intelligent,” Schumann said. “It was as if I belonged there.”

She worked in many cities in the nursing field. She was a trauma nurse at Ben Taub Hospital Emergency Room in Houston. She was also a part-time graduate assistant in the school of nursing at UT Houston.

Schumann was also a part-time professor at Houston Baptist University from 1996-2000. She eventually worked at Memorial Herman in Nursing Administration. From 2000 until the present, she has been employed at UT Houston in the School of Nursing as the director of the bachelor’s in nursing program.

As a student, Schumann noticed a gap between the interactions of the faculty and the students attending the UT Houston.

“I love to interact with the students; I think that nursing students are the best in the world,” Schumann said. “I enjoy interacting with them and watching them rise to meet challenges.”

She is active in the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, which partners with the Commission for Collegiate Nursing Education to accredit nursing schools and hospital’s nurse residency programs. She wrote the guidelines and is on the board of accreditation for a program that joins hospitals and a baccalaureate program to develop a one-year orientation for newly graduated nurses. She also serves as site monitor and on the board of accreditation for this program.

Schumann is also involved with other organizations that support the nursing community. She is the president elect for Healthcare and Nursing Education Foundation, which helps the greater Houston area by providing scholarships and grants to nursing students.

In addition to her charitable involvement, Schumann has a passion for fitness, through Crossfit, a strength and conditioning brand that combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics. She is a certified first level CrossFit trainer and has certificates in CrossFit Strongman and CrossFit Gymnastics.

“Since meeting my weight loss goal in 2006, fitness has been a big part of my life.” Schumann said. “I want my body and my fitness to be of service to God and I think that there is a huge match between fitness and nursing.”

Senior nursing student Kernabari Nantah said he is excited about the new dean.

“It’s long overdue, and I’m excited to see where the nursing program is headed under the direction of the new dean,” Nantah said.

Stacey shared Nantah’s sentiment, adding that he is confident in the choice for the new dean.

“Renae Schumann is the perfect fit for our Nursing and Allied Health Program at HBU,” Stacey said. “If I closed my eyes and envisioned exactly what we want, it would be someone with quality and experience and Renae Schumann fit both of those.”