Staff editorial: New classes offer new opportunities



The University will offer new classes starting this fall semester to students of all majors, allowing them to broaden their current interests, cultivate new ones and take advantage of the many options available through the University.

College should not solely be about taking classes in one particular field of study. Instead, students need to focus on expanding their knowledge by studying a wide variety of areas.

The new classes offer students a wide array of topics to study. This creates stronger diversification of interests with deeper understanding in those interests, which leads to the development of a more well-rounded individual.

An entire semester spent discussing “The Lord of the Rings” is intriguing to many.  Instead of merely learning about J.R.R. Tolkien and studying “The Lord of the Rings” briefly as part of a larger course, students will focus on this one series.

Gaining a deeper understanding through a more narrow focus is a new approach to student learning.

Other classes such as “Introduction to Criminal Justice” give students the opportunity to get a feel for a possible career choice prior to making a total commitment to a major field of study.

“Worldview Apologetics: ‘Testing Everything’ with C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer” gives students the unique chance to learn from great thinkers and compare different theological arguments.

Many of these classes focus on bringing new topics to the University or delving deeper into current areas of study. Students enjoy having the chance to take unusual classes since these classes set the University apart from others.

One may enjoy making history by taking classes never before offered at the University.

Offering these unique classes is not only appealing to current students, but they also can help increase interest from potential students, employers and faculty.  Offering uncommon classes is important in order to maintain a competitive university.

Many students are eager to take advantage of the exciting opportunities provided by these new classes.

The new classes are a great asset to the University and may leave students desiring similar classes.

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