SGA president leaves legacy

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One of Klutts’ favorite places to spend time is Cactus Records. | MARYAM GHAFFAR/THE COLLEGIAN



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Senior Jeremy Klutts, president of SGA, will graduate in May, leaving a legacy of student leadership behind.

Klutts began his involvement in student government when he was elected SGA freshman senator in 2009. Klutts continued his involvement with SGA, serving as public relations director, then vice president, and currently as president.

During this time, he has helped SGA executives re-write many aspects of the SGA constitution and create legislation that has helped SGA grow along with the University.

Klutts also helped open non-executive positions to all students on campus in order to encourage students from different backgrounds and beliefs to participate in SGA.

In addition to increasing the diversity of the organization, Klutts said one of his top priorities as president was to increase awareness of SGA as an organization and the work it does for the student body.

Through increasing awareness of its activities, Klutts hopes more students will become involved in SGA in the future.

“We can only be as powerful as the students who are interested in us,” he said. “We can’t be the voice of the students if only a few are interested.”

Klutts has also been an active member of Beta Upsilon Chi (BYX) fraternity since fall 2009, serving as chaplain from 2012-2013.

J.C. Contreras, former president of BYX, explained how Klutts’ former role as chaplain impacted those in the fraternity.

“His leadership in BYX has really helped guys grow as individuals and that is a big part of the chaplain role,” he said.

Klutts finds time between his leadership roles to enjoy reading, playing golf, watching movies and attending music festivals. Klutts also collects rare books and records and is particularly proud of his complete studio discography of Led Zeppelin on vinyl.

Klutts hopes to pursue a master’s in philosophy and eventually a Ph.D. in order to teach at the collegiate level. He also recently became engaged to his girlfriend, Tara Klaus.

Whit Goodwin, director of Student Life, summarized the impact of Klutts’ leadership on the University.

“Jeremy has done a great deal for HBU. He served admirably as president of SGA, is a model academic student and has been involved deeply in the HBU community.  His efforts will be felt at HBU for years to come.”

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