Declining balance can now support ministry

By Kourtney Lofton 

Contributing writer

As the end of the semester approaches, students may possess excess declining balance. To avoid wasting those dollars by splurging on junk food or letting the money go to waste, students can now support ministries by donating their declining balance.

“There is a purpose now,” said Danny Miller, director of Baptist Student Ministries. “If the students are buying things just to use it before the end of the semester, they can shovel it this way instead.”

The idea started when Emily Estill, B.A. ’12 and campus missionary intern, purchased pizza for the members of University band, Refuge, after Quest. The band members usually miss dinner and this was a way to help them as well as use her declining balance.

“I realized I could be more intentional with my declining balance dollars,” Estill said. “I learned to not look at what I desire, but to see other people’s needs and satisfy them.”

The idea motivated Miller to allow for other students to help in the same way.

“I am open to letting the students choose the ministry,” Miller said. “All great ideas don’t have to come from the chair of a department.”

Another project Miller would like students to help with is purchasing items to make “manna packs” for the homeless. Such packs consist of non-perishable items such as water, granola bars, Vienna sausages and toiletries.

“If a hundred students with at least 50 declining balance dollars give to the project, that’s $5,000,” Miller said. “Do you know what we could do in ministry with $5,000?”

Doing this will freeze BSM’s budget costs and save money for other needs.

He also said this will teach students to be good stewards and managers of their money.

“I would definitely give my left over declining balance to help ministry,” junior Sharonda Bryant said.

The plan is still being processed and will be put into action when a critical mass is accumulated. Right now, Miller is looking for an interest in students to see how many are willing.

“Let’s see how far we can push this,” Miller said. “If God’s not in it, we don’t need to push it forward.”

Students that want to participate should email Danny Miller at or visit his office above the Baugh Center in the Spiritual Life office.