Second annual Table Talk focuses on relationships

By Claudia Zezatti

Contributing writer




President Robert B. Sloan Jr. stood at the podium with his wife, Sue Sloan, while they shared their testimony about the key to their marriage — patience and learning from each other.

University faculty and students attended to hear topics regarding relationships with Dr. and Mrs. Sloan in McNair Hall at the second annual Table Talk sponsored by Residence Life Feb. 13.

This year’s topic touched on marriage and conducting oneself through the trials and tribulations of relationships.

Dr. Sloan’s opening remarks emphasized that his beliefs regarding marriage are rooted in Christian theology and teachings.

Dr. Sloan said the turnout was much higher than he expected, and the audience was very receptive of his message.

“As a speaker, I assume the reaction will be mediocre,” he said. “It is always good to make it better.”

He then continued to speak about the sacred bonds made between two married people.

He stressed that marriage is a covenant made before God, family and friends and will bear fruitful rewards when one diligently works at keeping that promise one day at a time.

Mrs. Sloan spoke on the struggles of marrying at a young age and the pleasures of raising seven children, concluding that the joy comes with patience and learning to get along.

President Sloan interjected and spoke out to all the men seated in the audience, urging them to step up, as he sees that there is a rarity in simply asking a woman to converse over coffee.

Mrs. Sloan then let all the ladies know that it is okay to flirt.

The night ended with a question-and-answer session, which provided insight on how the two came to fall in love with each other.

David Hao, director of Residence Life, said that this year’s Table Talk was very well received and that he has only heard positive feedback about the event.

“Students loved the interaction and genuineness between Dr. & Mrs. Sloan as they give great advice about healthy relationships and fielded questions,” he said.

Sophomore Ore Bankole attended the discussion and said his favorite part was when Dr. Sloan joked to the men about stepping up.

“My previous beliefs on relationships were strengthened, which permits me to advise others on conducting relationships in the Lord,” he said.

Hao said though the topic of next year’s Table Talk has not been set in stone, one potential idea is “Table Talk: Date Night.”