Antithesis: Does makeup hinder a woman’s self-esteem?


By Biral Patel

Copy editor


Makeup hinders women’s self-esteem because it highlights society’s impossible standards of perfection, causes them to not accept their flaws and makes them derive their confidence from outer appearance.

Women use makeup to fulfill society’s impossible standards of flawlessness. It is unhealthy for females to strive for perfection just so others will accept them. Even if women try their best to look stunning, they will still be unacceptable in certain people’s eyes, thus it remains useless to try to please everyone.

Women use makeup to cover their flaws rather than embrace them. They should realize that blemishes are normal and not hideous. When a woman takes off her makeup, she has to face her imperfections and be content with them.

Makeup causes females to gain all of their confidence from their outer look. If a woman depends on makeup to feel secure, her sense of security will vanish when she has none on. Her confidence should come from her personality.

A woman does not have to look perfect to be self-assured. She should not depend on beauty products or others’ acceptance for confidence. Ultimately, makeup acts as a crutch rather than a boost for true confidence.


By Kathryn Kelly

Contributing writer


Makeup boosts a woman’s self-esteem because while wearing it a woman becomes less fearful of the opinions of others,  more confident in her own abilities and realizes her natural beauty.

Women are constantly bombarded by the media telling them that they are worthless because they are not beautiful enough. By using makeup, many women no longer subject themselves to the opinions of others that challenge their basic self-worth.

Most women feel infinitely more confident wearing makeup. Makeup gives women security and self-assurance. When a woman believes that she is beautiful, she is far more willing to believe that others will find her beautiful also.

The greatest gift that makeup gives to women is the liberating feeling of discovering her natural beauty. Many television makeover programs show women how to wear makeup for the first time, and  afterward they confess to having never felt beautiful before this experience. However, the makeup did not change the woman; it merely showed off and polished what she already had.

Makeup heightens a woman’s self-esteem. It gives her confidence, releases her from the fear of disapproval, and shows her that she was always beautiful.

  • bambuliacka

    Sorry…makeup is definitely a nasty thing…and more I live, more I realize that…I as a woman suffered nasty cyberbullying just recently, all because I had a makeupless photo on my social media site….I received messages how “ugly I am, how I look like a man”, etc…then my sister one day made me up and posted my made-up photo online and guess what? The same people who insulted my makeupless look, started to write me compliments about “how I am beautiful and cool with makeup, and that I should definitely wear it so that men will like me more..” I felt it all very offensive…it is sad that society likes women only with makeup…I even cried because of it…it is nasty and heartbreaking…sorry…so nobody can persuade me now that makeup is a good thing for women…I find it really humiliating that men, even the ugly ones, dare to insult and terrorize women who do not fulfill the so called “beauty standards”…..