Robbie Seay Band releases ‘Rich’ album

Robbie Seay Band | courtesy of

Robbie Seay Band | courtesy of


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Houston-based alternative rock group Robbie Seay Band brings a new sound to Christian music with its album “Rich and Poor.”

While the independent 13-track album was released last year, it was rereleased on as a free download Jan. 12. Nonetheless, the band still offers a refreshing approach to traditional worship music.

The sound of Robbie Seay Band is best described as folk rock; part David Crowder, part Phil Wickham. Upbeat rock is mixed with soulful soliloquies in a way that makes the songs both energetic and profound.

Robbie Seay brings the passionate folk sound that bands like Mumford & Sons and Phillip Phillips have made popular. The band also provides the powerful, uplifting lyrics that are paramount to Christian music.

The song “Raise My Voice” contains poetic lyrics such as: “Your grace is like an ocean crashing with hope/ Your peace is like a river flooding my soul.” The imagery is powerful and vivid and builds a beautiful description of God’s love. Other songs, such as “Home,” feature philosophical truths: “Don’t wanna live for the politics/ Politics of man/ For the hope we seek is never found in the politician.”

One of the most distinctive songs on the album is “Baptize Me In The River.” The song describes the wonderful act of baptism and what it symbolizes. The catchy lead is followed by a bluesy tune, which is backed up by the husky, gravelly voices of Seay and his band.

The music and instrumentation is straightforward and simple. The band does not employ any new-fangled voice changing techniques. The instruments are basic as well, just guitars, drums and piano.

As such, the lyrics share that same simplicity. They give messages of God’s grace and proclaim the hope and joy that can be found through Jesus Christ.

Overall, Robbie Seay Band redefines Christian music through “Rich and Poor.” Soulful music and powerful lyrics combine to create songs that both challenge and uplift listeners. The album is enjoyable and a bit addictive.

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