Fiction Family rocks heavy and light tour

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 4.14.37 PMBy PHANUEL ROXAS

Advertising manager


Fiction Family kicked off the release of its sophomore album by headlining the “To Write Love On Her Arms: Heavy and Light 2013 Tour,” which made a stop at The House of Blues Feb. 4.

The set included other folk rock artists including Aaron Gillespie, Bryce Avary, lead singer of Rocket Summer, and opening acts from Noah and Abby Gunderson and Now, Now.

All the artists gathered under one banner supporting the To Write Love On Her Arms non-profit movement for suicide and awareness prevention.

Fiction Family has gained plenty of momentum since its 2009 self-titled album. The jovial performance highlighted the talent and song-writing abilities of band members Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins. Fiction Family added a bass player and drummer to tour and the album recording, increasing its folk rock feel.

Foreman stepped out in a fitted grey suit with an acoustic guitar and harmonica around his neck. The set began with some minor technical difficulties, but that did not stop him.

Foreman moved in front of the microphone stand, unplugged from the guitar pedals and confidently sang to the crowd, the audience singing in unison. His tenor carried powerfully as he belted “Dare You To Move,” one of Switchfoot’s notable hits.

Technicians quickly solved the audio problems and the tone was set. The rest of the band assembled and

Fiction Family was finally ready to play.

They opened with a friendly greeting and continued with the laid-back atmosphere. Foreman continually said “y’all” to emphasize his excitement to be in Texas. Most of the songs played during the set had a nice fusion of folk and country undertones, similar to notable folk duo The Civil Wars.

Though the sound and general style Fiction Family brought was not original, the compelling song-writing dynamics between Watkins and Foreman were clear and evident.

The single “Avelon” from their new album Fiction Family Reunion was a stand out performance with an upbeat guitar progression and a driving piano rhythm backing the tight harmonies.

Fiction Family created a warm sense of community with its laid-back vibe and acoustic driven sounds. True to its name, Fiction Family made the audience feel like they were experiencing a show being performed in their living room.

Fiction Family has hit their stride as a band by incorporating a full band and taking its experiences from its pop/rock background.

Foreman’s and Watkins’ song-writing abilities have become the leading force behind the band’s ability to stay fresh and relevant.

“We really want to make this something that’s ongoing,” Watkins said.  “It’s not something we put on blocks and then come back to.  We definitely see this as something we want to do long term.  It’s just too much fun.”