Faith Forum: Biblical advice for modern day celebrities


Jesus accepted the Samaritan woman regardless of her infamous past, and according to Edwin Barry Young, founder and senior pastor at Fellowship Church in Dallas, Jesus will also accept Kim Kardashian.

In a new series titled “What would Jesus say to,” that began Jan. 5, Young examines the lives of celebrities such as Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Lance Armstrong and Katy Perry. The point of the series is to analyze specific aspects of celebrity lives, parallel them to people in the Bible and offer insight on what Jesus would tell them today.

While discussing celebrities is useful in capturing people’s attention, it enforces the fact that this society is obsessed with celebrity news. From magazines to television to the Internet, celebrity drama is everywhere, now even in the church.

According to a January article in the Houston Chronicle, Young said that he is not criticizing the celebrities, instead he wants his congregation to reflect on their lives in relation to those of celebrities.

“Their lives are a mirror of our own – so whatever we have to say to them, we have to say to ourselves,” Young said.

So in regards to Kim Kardashian, Young said that Jesus would approach the reality star as He approached the Samaritan woman and tell her to use her fame to glorify Him instead of herself.

“Your past does not determine your future,” Young said.

Scripture contains several passages about judging other people. While Young might not be criticizing celebrities, he is judging them based on what they have done or said. Galatians 6:1 says, “Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness.” Preaching a whole sermon series based on the mistakes celebrities have committed does not help bring them closer to God. If anything, celebrities might feel attacked by Young’s sermons.

As the body of Christ, we have to be careful in the way we approach others. People might consider the material we offer them offensive and pull away from God. A well-researched sermon full of examples from the Bible is enough to convict a person without the use of celebrity scandals.

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