Emergency call boxes


Courtesy of my.ycp.eduOne of the most widespread safety services available to students, faculty and staff at the University are the emergency call boxes located in 15 different areas on campus. It is one of the simplest and fastest methods to contact the University police department if any emergency situation should arise.

Each emergency call box is easy to operate and identify. The locations of all the emergency call boxes are marked on the online campus map.

The University’s student handbook states, “These call boxes are available in an emergency situation. As soon as the button on the call box is pushed, the University Police are alerted and will respond through the speaker on the call box.”

Pressing the button located on the emergency call box directly calls the University police so students can communicate with them. The boxes are programmed so the University police know exactly what location the student is calling from so they can send help to that location quickly and efficiently.

University police chief Charles Miller said the University has initiated plans to improve the emergency call box system. With the construction on campus and the addition of the football stadium, new call boxes and updates to the current emergency call box system are to be expected.

Students should utilize this system in an emergency and it is equally important to have emergency contacts, such as the University police station’s number, saved in one’s phone. These call boxes may not always prove to be an optimal method to get help, especially if one is not near a call box in the time of an emergency.

Miller stressed the importance of making sure one takes the necessary steps to add those emergency contacts to one’s phone to further prepare oneself for an emergency.

“Everybody has a cellphone. If your cellphone is closer to you than a call box, use it,” he said.

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