Apologetics department to host statewide conference


The University will host its first statewide apologetics conference with the Texas Baptists this month in honor of the apologetics department’s new program.

The apologetics department will host the [un]Apologetic Conference Feb. 8-9 in Belin Chapel, which is open to students and the public. The conference will act as a showcase to the new master’s program the University launched this semester.

“Having the conference on campus is a great thing to do because it will provide more recognition for HBU,” said Dr. Jeffery Green, dean of the School of Christian Thought. “Hopefully the visitors will have a great experience and want to come back as students.”

The conference will provide insight into what apologetics is about and will allow students interested in the program to get to know the professors. Along with general meetings, there will be breakout sessions with professors from the University.

Breakout sessions will include special topics from professors and guest speakers and question-and-answer portions. Speakers will include Dr. Jerry Walls, professor in philosophy; Dr. John Mark Reynolds, provost; Lee Strobel, Christian author, journalist and pastor, and Dr. Holly Ordway, the chair of the department of apologetics.

Ordway said the purpose of the conference is to give attendees a better understanding of apologetics, the ability to defend the Christian faith through the use of information.

“We use it to explain our faith to skeptics and non-believers, as well as to be able to have confirmation amongst believers in the church,” Ordway said.

According to the [un]Apologetic Conference website,  the conference began as a way to address current methods to remove obstacles to evangelism with post moderns, Muslims and diverse cultural issues.

Mary Jo Sharp, director of online apologetics, said the conference will allow people to congregate and discuss their beliefs.

“I hope students who have doubts about God will get some answers to their doubt,” Sharp said.

Admission to hear Lee Strobel speak is free Friday night and the cost of registration for the entire conference for students and partnering churches is $15. More information can be found on the [un]Apologetic website: unapologetics.texasbaptists.org.