If literature be the food of love, read on: Great texts major begins this fall


Calling all bookworms, history buffs and lovers of learning.

Starting June 1, the University will offer a Bachelor of Arts in Great Texts for current and new students. The major will be a combination of courses within the School of Humanities amounting to 36 hours.  The classes will mainly be text-based, and will include classical mythology and Shakespeare , along with the newly created course texts of history.

Dr. Christopher Hammons, dean of the School of Humanities, submitted the proposal for the great texts major last November, which the academic affairs committee approved this semester.

Current professors within the School of Humanitites will teach classes within the program, which also includes a great texts minor consisting of 18 hours of core and elective credits.

Dr. Steven Jones, assistant professor in classics, said professors within the school collaborated to create the degree program, which will allow participants to focus on a specific time period in history.

“The major creates expanded choices for students in the School of Humanities,” Jones said.

Current students who decide to switch their major to Great Texts can use the humanities courses already taken to count towards hours in the Great Texts major.

While the great texts degree is not intended to replace traditional majors, the new bachelor’s degree program will provide students with a practical alternative to traditional majors.

Dr. Micah Mattix, assistant professor in English, said that students can choose to specialize in classical studies, medieval and renaissance studies or modern and contemporary studies.

“The degree is also for students with a passion for a certain period of history or literature,” Mattix said. “With its small core and large number of electives, the major offers students the opportunity to study a period or an idea in detail across multiple disciplines.”