Fast Break: Legendary football player retires after championship


Sports editor


On Feb. 3, Super Bowl XLVII proceeded with everything that a football fan wants, and also some aspects that they do not. It had a fairy tale match up of brothers playing against brother, one team dominating in the first half, followed by a comeback from the other and a controversial power outage.

The Super Bowl, for many fans, is an unofficial American holiday that brings friends and families together to not only watch the two best NFL teams play against one another, but to also watch the best commercials of the year.

It was a one-sided affair before a mysterious 33 minute power outage occurred in the third quarter. The cause of the power outage is  unknown, but it definitely helped the Forty-Niners get back in the game and gave them a chance to win.

The Ravens were able to hold off the Forty-Niners late in the game because of the efforts of quarterback Joe Flacco and former Houston Texans wide receiver Jacoby Jones. Both players quieted critics with their performances on Sunday as Jones set a post-season record with a 108-yard kickoff return in the second half, along with a 56-yard touchdown reception.

Flacco proved to be exactly what the Ravens were looking for when he was drafted 18th overall in the 2008 draft by winning MVP of the Super Bowl with a passer rating of 124 and three passing touchdowns.

For Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis, the Super Bowl win seemed to be a Hollywood-scripted ending, giving the legendary middle linebacker a suitable retirement gift.

For the Forty-Niners and quarterback Collin Kapernick, the future is very bright, as Kapernick is a young player with a supporting cast of talent on both sides of the ball. I only hope that the Texans and not the Ravens will play against the Forty-Niners in Super Bowl XLVIII next year.