Anithesis: Are libraries still relevant to students today?


By De Vante Cooley

Contributing writer


Libraries are relevant to students because they provide resources that students otherwise could not access, offer quiet study areas and can provide a variety of accurate information from sources other than questionable online sources.

Students without personal computers or printers rely heavily on the library when they need information because more information is distributed virtually. Therefore, libraries are very relevant, especially in this age of technology.

The library is a great place for quiet study time without noise or distraction. If students have roommates or friends who are noisy and rambunctious, the library provides a quiet study atmosphere to complete their work.

The Internet provides access to a variety of information, but cannot replace some printed media.

Since it is so easy to post inaccurate information on the Internet, print resources are usually more reliable.

The library provides a variety of printed and reliable media sources instead of potentially inaccurate material.

Students still rely heavily upon libraries; therefore, libraries should not be considered irrelevant because of advances in technology or cultural changes.




By Misha Umer

Asst. entertainment editor


Libraries are no longer as relevant to students because modern students are used to instant gratification, there are other alternatives to the library, and libraries do not always have a complete set of resources.

Libraries are inconvenient because they do not offer information immediately. A student has to go through a process to obtain a library card and then struggle to find a book that might not even contain the right information. Alternatively, the Internet offers thousands of results in less than a second.

Today, students have other resources in addition to libraries. In the past, libraries were the only way to get information, but now other options exist to provide a wider array of resources. With more choices available, students are less prone to visit the library.

Most libraries lack funds to provide a complete set of resources. Students cannot go to any library and expect to find all information. A scavenger hunt from library to library for relevant material makes libraries a hassle for students.

Students of today find libraries irrelevant because they are used to getting fast results, there are other data sources and libraries do not always have complete information.