Should Christmas traditions begin before December?



Christmas traditions should continue to start before December because they bring happiness, encourage people to be generous and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas is about joy, peace and good will toward men. The excitement revolving around family, gifts and holiday events sparks joy in everyone. Christmas cheer is a unique atmosphere, and the earlier it begins, the longer the season can last.

The very definition of Christmas encourages people to be generous to those around them. The happiness brought on by the season only makes it more apparent that needy people exist. Also, charity outreaches, such as Operation Christmas Child, exist only during the holiday season, and early celebrations promote outreaches like these for longer periods of time.

Putting aside gifts, carols and movies, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The importance of this event earns a celebration longer than a mere month. No one should receive criticism because he wants to celebrate the birth of the Messiah a bit early.

With Christmas carols on the radio and decorations on street corners, Christmas time is a happy season that should not be restricted to the month of December.




Christmas celebrations starting before December leads to a burn-out of the holiday spirit, dilutes the true meaning behind Christmas and leads to unwanted stress.

Several radio stations begin playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Hearing the same songs over and over again can become monotonous and lead to a feeling of wanting to escape the music altogether and not listen to it, even though it might only be early December.

Having Christmas music, decorations and events taking place almost a month before the holiday can lead to forgetfulness of  Christmas’ true meaning. Christmas is about celebrating Christ’s birth, not how many presents are under the Christmas tree or how many houses in a neighborhood have lights synchronized to music.

The Christmas season causes stress and celebrating early leads to more stress. The season is full of details that cause the expectation of a timetable where everything needs to be done to make the season run smoothly, which only increases stress and prevents people from experiencing the joy of Christmas.

Christmas celebrations before December leads to a burn-out of the holiday spirit, forgetting Christmas’ meaning and adding extra stress.