Nerd Talk: Seizure of child’s laptop offers reminder

Pirates beware.Finland has demonstrated the capability of its police force to react to cases of internet piracy.

On Nov. 20, Finnish police conducted a raid on a home to confiscate a laptop that was linked to the downloading of a pirated music album, only to discover that the laptop belongs to a 9-year-old girl.

This overreaction to a single act of piracy benefits nobody and only further polarizes the pro- and anti-piracy communities.

The case of a Finnish child’s laptop being confiscated began nearly a year ago, after the child and her father to find an album by Finnish pop star Chisu.

The Google search eventually led them to the Pirate Bay, a Swedish file sharing website. The father and daughter decided to purchase the physical album the next day, seemingly ending their foray into piracy.

However, CIAPC,  a Finland-based anti-piracy group, contacted the father and demanded a 600 euro payment on behalf of Warner Music in order to avoid prosecution in court.

The father ignored the demands, and a year later, the police were at his door and confiscated his daughter’s Winnie the Pooh-adorned laptop.

While many individuals in the United States have been prosecuted in court for illegal downloads, using the police force as a scare tactic is a first for music conglomerates.

It may seem like purchasing an album only benefits record labels, but the small amounts that artists receive do eventually add up.

With shoestring budgets and rising tutition costs, students need to remember that thrifty options for legally enjoying media exist, such as Spotify or Hulu.

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