Faith Forum: North Korean Christians pray for Americans


By JACKY TAMEZ | Staff writer 

On Nov. 11, Christians from all over the world united to pray for persecuted Christians. However, Christians in one of the world’s most socialist countries decided that they would band together to pray for Christians in some of the world’s most affluent nations instead of praying for themselves.

North Korea is notorious for its religious restriction. It does not allow open proclamation of faith and practicing any religion that is not sanctioned is punishable.

As Christians, it is our duty to pray for those that are persecuted for their faith. When Reverend Eric Foley, CEO of Seoul USA, asked members of a North Korean underground church how Americans could pray for them, the North Koreans responded that they would pray for the American churches.

As a believer, it is encouraging to see Christians coming together and praying for one another. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget there are people who die and suffer for simply preaching the Word of God.

In a press release, Foley stated the reasons why North Koreans feel Western churches need prayer.

“Western Christians often put so much faith in their prosperity and political freedoms that they do not know what it is like to have to depend completely on God,” Foley said. “And because of that, they often do not get to know him in all the ways he invites us to.”

While Christians in America are protected under the First Amendment, when we try to defend our beliefs, sometimes we are socially ostracized and seen as arrogant and closed-minded.

Most of the time we are too well off to fully comprehend just how great God’s blessings are. But this does not mean that American Christians do not suffer.

1 Peter 5:9 says, “Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of suffering.”

Regardless of what country Christians are in, they will always suffer for proclaiming the name of Jesus. The trials we go through might be different, but our ultimate goal is winning souls for Christ.