Future semester schedule to change

By Jacky Tamez | Staff writer

Starting fall 2013, students will have some extra vacation time. The University recently approved to change each semester calendar to begin one week later than usual.

The change occurred after James Steen, vice president for enrollment management, mentioned to the executive committee that most colleges begin a week after the University.

Whit Goodwin, director of Student Life, said that the change will not be a disadvantage to the school since the new calendar is the typical model for universities across the nation.

“This gives the students an opportunity to better prepare themselves,” Goodwin said. “A shorter semester means students will have a greater focus, and that they will not feel burned out by the end.”

This change also means that finals week will be shortened. Instead of the current week and a half for finals, the actual examinations will take place Tuesday through Friday, but Monday will continue to be reading day, or “dead day.”

Freshman Jessica Pachar takes time to study in Moody Library before finals week begins. MARYAM GHAFFAR\THE COLLEGIAN

The change is also gathering a positive response from the student population.

“I prefer that finals be only one week,” senior Elizabeth Nufio said. “It is inconvenient to have the exams spread out to two weeks.”

Dr. Doni M. Wilson, associate professor in English, said the change will not alter the way she teaches her class.

“Most universities have only one week of finals, so I’m fine with it,” Wilson said. “If anything, this change will make the semester more efficient.”

For most students, this change will cause them to experience finals in one week for the first time.

“I would like this change,” freshman Cora Keller said. “I think it is better to just get all the exams done in one week and have students finish the semester at the same time.”


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