Giglio challenges students to experience God

Louie Giglio, founder of Passion Conference and Passion City Church, speaks at the University on Nov. 14 during convocation to a house full of students eager to know more about God. MARYAM GHAFFAR\THE COLLEGIAN


The decision to return to the HBU after 15 years was an easy one for Louie Giglio, with his mind haunted by the face and words of one student.

During Giglio’s last visit to the University, he greeted by a student with these words, “I want to know your Jesus but I don’t think I can believe in your white, western, affluent Jesus.”

Giglio said her words and view of Christ are what inspired him to present the message of the real Jesus Christ. The convocation, held Nov. 14, allowed students, faculty and staff to hear the version of Jesus that Giglio wants everyone to know.

“We have a relationship with the creator of the universe and we call him by name and he calls you by your name,” Giglio said.

The pastor from Passion City Church in Atlanta wanted the audience to know there is not just one aspect to God or Christ. Using the example of describing a breakfast taco to someone who has not eaten one before, Giglio explained the difference between information and revelation.

David Hao, assistant director of Residence Life, said this example truly spoke to him.

“You can describe something, but until you actually experience Him, you don’t know what it truly is to know Christ,” Hao said.

Giglio used many analogies and subjects to connect the power of God to the audience. He presented the idea of God as an extraordinary creator who can make everything out of nothing.

“The universe is an understatement of God’s power,” Giglio said.

Senior Allison Schaeffer said she has seen Giglio before, but each time she sees him she becomes inspired.

“My feeling of passion is renewed,” she said. “To see his passion is really inspiring.”

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