Alumni to lead students toward a career path


News editor


Students who are unsure about their post-graduation plans will soon have the opportunity to collaborate with alumni and learn how their gifts fit into their vocation and job choices after graduation.

Colette Cross, director of career and calling, created the Shadow Project Initiative, where students will work together to discuss their futures after graduation.

The Shadow Project Initiative is geared toward freshmen, but students of all classifications are highly encouraged to participate. Students will meet with a mentor in their work environment and shadow their mentors, observe their job and get one-on-one quality time with the mentor.

Cross said the program has five main goals for students. The goals are to get students actively involved in vocational calling, to give the students unique opportunities to discover about professions, to connect students with some alumni who are living out God’s calling on their lives, to bond the University’s community and to help students realize the knowledge and abilities needed to pursue the career of their choice.

Cross said she wanted the program to center around the students and how to help them find their dream job in line with God’s calling for their lives.

“That really is the main focus,” Cross said. “We want to be able to help students move from uncertainty to as much certainty as they can as they progress through their core classes.”

She hopes that the program will start in the spring semester and have students actively participating.

Whit Goodwin, director of Student Life, gave Cross the idea of the Shadow Project Initiative, and Cross took the responsibility to make the initial push towards the project.

“This is a great program for now and many years to come under Colette Cross’ leadership,” Goodwin said.

Cross shared the initiative with the student body through the Freshman Year Seminar classes where freshmen can express interest and participate in the program if they want to learn more about what they want to do in the future.

Freshman Sofia Burgos said she believes that the program is a great idea to help students be prepared for graduation.

“It helps students realize what they can achieve and whether or not the path is right for them,” Burgos said.

Burgos added that this opportunity might help her find the best company to apply to and audition for roles or singing opportunities and she hopes that it will help her prepare for auditions.

Cross said she believes the program would be a great opportunity for students to network and help them find better jobs.

“Who knows what kind of contact the project will provide for students as a future employment,” Cross said.