Long running tradition will ultimately change

For numerous  years, the University has celebrated homecoming on a court, but the possibility of homecoming being celebrated on the gridiron could happen as soon as next fall.

The University’s first homecoming was in December 1967, when then Houston Baptist College played Texas Lutheran University, honoring the recent alumni from the spring of 1967 for the first time.

Of the first 59 graduates, 24 returned for homecoming weekend, which crowned Jan Stephenson as the first homecoming queen.

Ever since then, basketball has been the main homecoming venue and has recently showcased homecoming as an exhibition game, since homecoming is in early November.

Therefore, the basketball team will benefit from not hosting the homecoming game.

I appreciate the University’s unique tradition of having our homecoming at a basketball game, but adding another regular season game instead of playing an exhibition game is a good trade-off.

For one, it gives us one more game that counts toward the regular season and allows the basketball team to start at its regular time in the season.

As for homecoming, the possibility of switching to football as early as next season means we will have a traditional Texas homecoming that will be showcased earlier in the semester.

After all, we do live in a state that favors anything and everything football, including a homecoming football game, so it makes sense that we will likely have a homecoming football game next year.

If our 108-47 victory against Hillside Free Will College ends up being our last homecoming basketball game, it will be hard to say goodbye, as I will miss the intimate atmosphere of students and alumni packed into Sharp Gym, but I will gladly embrace the new and traditional homecoming football game.