All geeks created equal

There exists one group more misunderstood than any other — well at least that is how it seems. This subset of culture features people from all sizes, colors, races and obsessions.

Geeky girls or fangirls, a fairly recent term for those females obsessed with an actor, movie, television show or anything interesting, find themselves in an unusual universe.

Most think fangirls are on one end of the beauty spectrum or the other, with no middle ground. The most common myths female sci-fi/fantasy fans face are the stereotype of what they should look like, the idea they are only interested in Twilight or other romances, and the notion that they simply “geek out” to impress guys.

Actually, all kinds of geeky girls exist. Each has their own genre, fixation and personality.

From the gorgeous actresses of “Battlestar Galactica” to the character Amy Farrah Fowler of  “The Big Bang Theory,” geeky girls come in all shapes and sizes. Female geeks do not have a certain look or body type, despite what the media tries to portray. The intelligent business woman rocking a pair of Manolo Blahniks or the girl wearing the Darth Vader T-shirt each have their own geekiness and fandom.

This subset of geekdom also faces the problem of only being regarded as Edward Cullen lovers and sci-fi romantics. That idea not only disregards men who like romances but also restricts women to certain categories of geek. Though the Edward Cullen and Twilight fangirls permeate the geek culture, not every self-proclaimed geeky girl loves sparkly vampires.

Also, the notion we only watch or read within the romantic geekdom is outrageous. My favorite film genre is horror, even to the extent of buying books on the cultural psychology behind horror movies. I also love books like Percy Jackson and the Olympians and A Game of Thrones, not for the romantic subplots that inevitably weave throughout the storyline, but for action and fight scenes.

Geeky girls love all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy; they are not limited to romance.

Some think girls only like geeky things to get attention from guys. For those who think this, please introduce me to these men. My knowledge of “Doctor Who” and DC comics has never drawn the attention of any suitor at geek conventions. Most true geeks have their love affair of sci-fi before they even start to like the opposite sex.

Myths and misconceptions about geeky girls may stem from the fact that we are so diverse. We have different obsessions, styles and personalities. However, we all have one thing in common — our geekiness.