Antithesis: Are reality television shows worse than regular TV?


Reality television provides a poor alternative for regular programming due to its lowly characters, hypocritical make and horrible outlook for culture.

Reality television promotes improper social behavior. Shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Dance Moms” portray people with reckless behaviors and no moral counterpart. One particular show, “Teen Mom,” receives as much praise as it does disdain for its portrayal of “babies having babies,” slanting the show as a parade of overcoming a minor accident instead of a caution against teen pregnancy.

Reality television also shows a false narrative from a slew of disjointed circumstances. Many reality shows are usually the product of hours of constant videotaping constructed into a “plotline,” and sometimes the showrunners trick their subjects into saying certain things or acting out of their character to entice viewers.

Many people who end up viewing such shows usually engage in a misguided schadenfreude, or take delight in the crass natures of these reality stars and define themselves as morally or socially superior.

Reality shows dampen artistic integrity, infest viewers with nonsense and promote the establishment of an aggressively voyeuristic society.



Reality television can teach people how not to behave in society, help wild reality television stars get the help they need and show the decline of dignity within the American youth.

On the MTV television show “Jersey Shore,” viewers are exposed to what a life of intense partying and drinking can do, with hook ups, break ups and drama.

These are great ways to teach society about how devastating the party life can be. It shows how such a life can result in fights between loved ones and tear apart the home.

The show also managed to help one of the cast members. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino recently went though rehab for drug and prescription pill abuse. The rehab center showed him episodes of the show so that he could see how wild he acted when he was on drugs, forcing him to change his ways.

Most reality shows are composed of young people, partying and drama. With all of these elements, the country can see the decline of morals and values, and attempt to reform and save the next generation from making the same mistakes.

Reality television should not be condemned due to the material that it shows. Society should embrace these shows and use them as teaching tools for the youth of America.