Weird Science: Neural Impulses

Neural Impulses – Slower than we think


The human brain weighs about three pounds and contains several hundred million neurons in a space smaller than the size of a football.

Though the largest brain of any animal belongs to the sperm whale, with a 17-pound brain, humans have the largest brain to body ratio in the animal kingdom.

Everything perceived is processed by the brain, and everything the body does is regulated by some part of the brain.

More than a feeling

The brain lacks any receptors on its own. In other words, the brain only feels what the body tells it to feel.

Everything that humans perceive is a result of different parts of the body sending signals through nerves to the brain, such as the eyes sending sight signals or the skin sending touch signals.

Impulsive actions

Muscular movement and involuntary actions, including digestion and breathing, are controlled by the brain as well. It sends similar signals — known as impulses — through the body at speeds ranging from 2 to 100 meters per second.

It’s Weird!

Since impulses take an amount of time to travel to or from the brain, the instance that people are experiencing as “now” happened in the past.

Everything you are reading right now happened a few milliseconds before your brain received the impulses. It’s weird!

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