Staff Editorial: Online classes prove beneficial for students

The University has moved in the right direction by offering online classes to undergraduates, but it seems as if there are still some logistics that need to be worked out before this plan becomes ideal for all students.

Online classes have been offered in certain graduate programs at the University, but are now available for undergraduates. Freshmen were encouraged to take online classes such as the basic Christianity courses.

Staff Editorial: Meal plan changes causes inconvenience


The changes to the University’s meal equivalency plan create more problems by solving others. In past years, students were able to use the meal equivalency plan at various on-campus locations. This semester brought a reversal: the Baugh Center is the only option for the use of the meal plan, and students are struggling to adjust to the new policy.

Staff Editorial: Status updates and new degrees

As the spring semester begins, the University faculty and staff are implementing new ideas to help bring progress and unity. Additions such as new degrees and the increased use of social media accounts by faculty, staff, current students and alumi are helping to draw the attention of prospective students while keeping current students connected.

University right in defending values

The University’s courageous act of filing a lawsuit against the federal government over the Health and Human Services’ mandate of the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2012, should be supported by students.