Students should weigh benefits against costs

As college students, saving money is very important. However, new technology is hitting the market every day and it almost becomes an obligation to keep digital devices up to date.

It is unnecessary to get a new phone every year, yet most people pay for frequent upgrades. This could be the reason why “the iPhone is the number one phone in the world,” according to a recent article by CBN News on Sept. 11.

SIFE changes name to Enactus

The start of a school year always brings changes, but for one organization the new year brought a new name.

Students in Free Enterprise was renamed Enactus this fall. SIFE was founded as an on-campus organization in 2008 before the renaming this year.

New year brings more students — Biology most popular major among freshmen

The most popular major among freshmen — with 102 out of 570 — is biology. Following behind at a close second is nursing with 95 students. With a record number of freshmen students enrolled for the fall 2013 semester, many students may be seeking guidance from both peers and advisors. James Steen, director of enrollment management, said that though the class rosters have not been finalized , the freshmen class has broken several records already.

Weird science: Sleep

Everybody has an internal clock. Research indicates that adolescents tend to become sleepy around 11 p.m. because the brain releases melatonin around this time. Melatonin levels drop around 8 a.m, which is around when adolescents wake up.

Nerd Talk: Don’t kick out the person who snores; seek help

Most of us have heard that “whole grain” bread is a healthier choice than white bread, which contains refined grains and sugars but lacks fiber. Because of this lack of fiber and other nutrients that are removed during the refining process, it is advised that we consume wheat food products instead of refined ones.