Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Elon Musk isn't joking about sending a Tesla to Mars

Elon Musk isn't joking about sending a Tesla to Mars Elon Musk isn't joking about sending a Tesla to Mars
Sandra Phillips | 06 December, 2017, 00:16

The roll-out of this news last week occasioned bafflement as space reporters attempted to determine if this was a joke, a spur-of-the-moment idea Musk would execute in the weeks ahead of launch, or a plan that SpaceX has fully worked out.

The business magnate tweeted: "Payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity".

The launch date of SpaceX's latest "Falcon Heavy" rocket has been delayed.

While it would be marvelous to see SpaceX's heavy-lift rocket carry a Tesla to Mars next month, it may be best to limit our expectations.

Apple agrees to cough up for $15 billion Irish tax bill
Since then though, it seems that Apple has reached an agreement with Ireland to pay back €13 billion in back taxes. Apple believes that the ruling will be overturned in time and that it's acted in accordance with the law.

Lamborghini finally unveils the $200000 Urus SUV
With a length of 5.11 meters, the Lamborghini Urus surpasses the SUV coupe from Garching by about 21 centimeters. A customisable fully-digital TFT display shows the Urus' main information in an animated 3D representation.

Altered Carbon: first look at Netflix's new sci-fi series
The first trailer for a series Netflix has kept quite low-key up till now, Altered Carbon , was released on Monday. The protagonist Takeshi Kovacs ( Joel Kinnaman ) is an elite soldier who becomes a revolutionary.

While a Falcon 9 has nine Merlin engines, a Falcon Heavy has 27.

Falcon Heavy's maiden flight will reportedly take part in January 2018.

SpaceX is heavily banking on the Falcon Heavy to be the most powerful rocket ever made when it launches in January 2018 and needs something appropriately epic to take along with it. SpaceX is hoping it takes them on missions to the moon and Mars - and this time he simply added an electric vehicle to the ride.

A half-dozen Mars scientists contacted by BuzzFeed News declined to comment on the proposal, perhaps wary of antagonizing the rocket company they hope will someday ship their scientific probes into space. The new vehicle will be the most powerful rocket in production, capable of carrying more than 63 metric tons of cargo to low-earth orbit-or almost 17 metric tons to Mars. The red Tesla Roadster will be sent to space on a mission to the red planet, Mars. It will also mark a coming out for the muchawaited Falcon Heavy, in a launch slated for the same Florida launchpad that sent Apollo astronauts to the moon. The mission would identify hazards, confirm water resources, and start creating the infrastructure necessary for a second trip in 2024 carrying cargo and crew, according to Tech Times.


Elton John's mother dies at 90 after reconciling with son Elton John's mother dies at 90 after reconciling with son This past Mother's Day, he tweeted a photo posing with her that was captioned , " Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day! ". After this, Sir Elton sent her white orchids and they got back in touch for the first time in seven years.